CH Windrift On Your Mark JC ROM

sire:  CH Regency Tahoe Morgan

dam:  CH Windrift Misty Morning JC SC CGC TT FCH ROM

born June 10, 1996

White Female with red spots.            AKC registration HM64237202.        Pedigree

CHIC # 13217, BZ-780/2004-102, BZ-CA67/101F/C-PI, BZ-717E40F-T, BZ-TH67/102F-PI

Breeders & owners: Jon Reimer & Nancy Reimer. 

Pictured finishing in 1998.  Owner handled by Jon Reimer.

"Marky" had one litter, which was sired by CH Blackmoor Echovesna Tristan ROM-C

 CH & FC Windrift Believe In Magic JC SC FCH ROMX   (CHIC#19889, BZ-998/2006-62, BZ-CA359/62M/C-PI,  BZ-858F45M-PI, BZ-TH158/64M-PI).

 CH & FC Windrift Bound For Glory RN JC SC ROM-C   (CHIC#19976, BZ-999/2006-65, BZ-CA361/62F/C-PI, BZ-857F43F-PI, BZ-TH236/64F-PI).

 Windrift Brown Sugar JC SC  (CHIC#20382, BZ1111/2005-48, BZ-CA360/47F/C-PI, BZ-855G44F-PI, BZ-TH235/49F-PI).

 CH Windrift Brace Yourself RN - owner Lisa VanVliet.

 Windrift Bernadette O'Tahoe RN   "DeeDee"  - owner Helen Fraga.

Windrift Baroness O'Tahoe  "Geena"   - owner Sherraid Scott                

Marky's littermates:

DC Windrift Tahoe Ode To Joy MC ROM     (BZ-691/2003-88, BZ-CA000095/51M/C-T)

CH Windrift Tahoe Obsidian JC     (BZ-693/2001-60, BZ-CA000094/51M/C-T)

Windrift Orion JC SC     (CHIC#18755,  BZ831/2000-49, BZ-CA85/49M/C-T,  BZ-724F42M-T, BZ-TH68/49M-T)

 FC Windrift Obsession JC SC FCH     (CHIC#13231, BZ818/2004-102,  BZ-CA86/101F/C-PI, BZ-754E49F-T, BZ-TH69/107F-PI)

 Windrift Outlaw JC SC FCH     ( BZ-817/2000-48, BZ-758G49M-T, BZ-TH70/48M-T, 14 points, 2 majors in AKC coursing)

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