CH & FC Kirov Windrift Fire & Rain JC SC MC FCH ROMX

sire: CH & FC Windrift Believe In Magic JC SC FCH ROMX

dam:  CH & FC Kirov Monoceros RN SC FCH LCM GRC SGRC ROMX

born April 9, 2003       Pedigree

White Female with red-sable spots.     AKC registration HP04415104.   

CHIC#30603, BZ1112/2006-33, BZ-CA362/33F/C-PI, BZ886G35F-PI, BZ-TH275/56F-PI

Breeder: Barbara Ewing (Kirov).       Owners: Nancy Reimer & Jon Reimer.

Drizzle, 5 years old

photo by Shot On Site

Drizzle has 29 points toward her LCX and many points towards her LCM title. 

At 9 years of age, Drizzle "retired" and moved to Ohio, to become a full time house dog, with the Artleys.

We had to let her pass January 19, 2015. She had been happy and healthy until a disk in her back (damaged years ago when a dog ran into her), deteriorated and paralyzed her.   She was such a sweet girl.   We miss her.

More Pictures of Drizzle    

Drizzle is the dam of one litter.  She whelped 5 males & 5 females on April 21, 2009:

GCH & DC Windrift Tahoe Chances Are JC SC FCH ROM-C   "Chance"

CH Windrift Tahoe Cool Luke JC RN

CH Windrift Tahoe Cassandra JC SC

CH Windrift Tahoe Catch A Star BN CGC RN CD   "Rachel"

Windrift Tahoe Call Me Irresistible   "Roxie"

FC Windrift Tahoe Comic Relief JC MC FCH  "Hope"

DC Windrift Tahoe Celebration RN JC MC FCH    "Gala"

Windrift Tahoe Call Me Willoughby

GCH & CH Windrift Tahoe Chase The Dream JC SC BN RN CGC  "Skip" 

CH Windrift Tahoe Crown Royal CGC   "Roy"

Some of Drizzle's littermates:

CH Kirov Ev'ry Little Thing She Does RN CGC ORC GRC ROM   (BZ1167/2005-26, BZ-CA418/32F/C-PI) - breeder-owner Barb Ewing.

CH & FC Kirov Desperado At Aria JC SC MC FCH RN LCX   (BZ1146/2005-24, BZ-CA405/26M/P-PI) - owner Rita Linck.

Kirov Maggie Mae  (conformation pointed) (BZ1128/2005-22, BZ-CA368/22F/C-PI  BZ-TH324/49F-PI) - owners Steven & KC Artley.

CH Kirov Dance To The Music At Highpoint CD RN RA RE RAE JC NA OA NAJ OAJ NF - owners Anne & Walter Ford.

Drizzle's Sire:     DC Windrift Believe In Magic SC FCH ROMX   (CHIC#19889,  BZ-998/2006-62,  BZ-CA359/62M/C-PI, BZ-858F45M-PI,  BZ-TH158/64M-PI) - breeders & owners Jon Reimer & Nancy Reimer.

Drizzle's Dam:    DC Kirov Monoceros RN SC LCM SGRC ROM (CHIC#18233, BZ-873/2005-89, BZ-TH112/45F-PI, BZ-CA130/90F/C-PI) - breeder & owner Barbara Ewing.

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