"2018 Borzoi Club of America Versatility Winner"

"2017 Borzoi Club of America Versatility Winner"

GCH CH DC Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Journey To Tahoe, CGC, JC, SC, RN, RI, BN, FCH

Sire: CH Aashtoria Aruzia Java Chip ROM-C   "Java"

Dam: MBISS GCH Borscana Melissa Loveletter, RN, RA, RE, BN, JC, NAJ, OAJ, NJP, OJP, ROMX-C   "Melissa"

Born:   December 5, 2014      pedigree

white male with black and tan spots          AKC registration  HP48679408     

BZ-DM1113/9M-PI   (tested DM clear)        BZ-EYE416/53M-PI 

BZ-CA1429/53M/C-PI-ECHO     BZ-TH920/24M-VPI    CHIC #118257

Breeders Christine Danker (Hemlock Hollow) and Lorrie Scott (Aruzia)

Owners: Steven Artley & K. Carol Artley

July 13, 2019, Joe finished his Rally Intermediate title. 3 trials, qualifying scores. October 5 Joe gets 4th out of 10 field champions at the OKIGO AKC coursing trial. October 6 Joe ties for first place out of 8 field champions. Joe did not win the run-off, but did get 1 LCX point. Joe also earned two Master Courser legs for the weekend. October 19 & 20, 2019, Joe competed in AKC lure coursing at the MBC trials. Out of 9 Field Champions, Joe got 5th place on Saturday, and tied for second on Sunday, ending up with third place and one LCX point. He also earned two Master Courser legs. He now has 14 MC legs and needs a total of 25 legs for the title. November 3, Joe earned his first leg for his Rally Advanced title at the Ft Wayne Indiana trial. November 9, Joe earned his second leg for his Rally Advanced title at the Columbus DTC trial.

Joe enjoyed being the only dog to spend the week with KC, at the 2019 Borzoi National Specialty. Joe won second out of 7 field champions in the ASFA trial, in spite of the heavy rain, and muddy field (pictures above taken by photographer Emily Buerger). Joe earned a 90 in rally novice (after KC got lost on the course, and had to go back and retry a station), and an 83 in rally intermediate (after KC read a sign wrong and had Joe do the wrong exercise). Joe and KC enjoyed competing in the triathlon (11 dogs in the class), and in the Dual Champion sweepstakes, even though we didn't win any placements. Joe made the first cut of a huge BOB class. At the health clinic, Joe once again, passed his eye and heart exams.

Photo by Jamie Bobrowski.

April 6, 2019, Joe won his 14th point at AKC lure coursing at the Munice Indiana trial (pictured above). April 13, Joe tied for first place out of 5 dogs at the COACH trial. We forfeited the run-off, and happily took the 1 point to finish his AKC Field Championship. This win also makes Joe a Dual Champion.

For 2018, Joe ended up ranked #9 in the country for AKC coursing, with 40 Bowen points. He only ran in 7 trials. He won the BCOA 2018 Versatility Award (for the second year in a row). In the 2018 BCOA rankings, Joe was #4 in AKC lure coursing and #8 in novice obedience.

Joe's adventures during 2018: April 8, Joe won his 9th point in AKC coursing.  April 22, Joe won Best of Breed at the Central Ohio show, over 22 borzoi including 3 specials, owner handled by KC.  May 26, Joe wins Select Dog and 1 point at the Warren County kennel club show.  At the Echo Hills Ohio shows, Joe wins BOS over a male special for 2 points June 16 and Select Dog for 1 GCH point June 17.   Joe finished his GCH title with a BOB at the Marion Indiana show in August.  All his wins were owner handled (pictured below, photo by Kim Booth).  August 25 & 26, Joe won 2 more first placements, and 20 points at the OKIGO ASFA trials.  September 8, Joe won his 10th point in AKC coursing at the WindChasers trial.      September 15, Joe earned his first qualifying score for his Companion Dog (CD) title. In AKC lure coursing, Joe won a point October 6. October 19, Joe earned his second qualifying score for his Companion Dog (CD) title. October 21, Joe won third place out of 10 borzoi, for 2 points in AKC lure coursing. (He needs 2 points to finish the AKC FC title). November 24, Joe won his final points to finish his ASFA Field Championship (FCH) title.

Joe won his first Grand Champion point September 18, 2016 owner handled by KC.  He won a 5 point GCH major February 11, 2017 owner handled by Steve.  Joe  earned a leg towards his Beginner Novice (BN) title at the DDTC trial January 7, 2017.  His second leg was a 194, at the CATC trial February 26, 2017.  At his first two AKC coursing trials, April 8 & 9, Joe won first out of 7 borzoi in the open stake for a 3 point major, and first out of 8 borzoi in the open stake for a 4 point major.  He also earned two legs towards his Senior Courser title.  (coursing photos by Joe Stewart).  April 16, Joe wins a first place at the ASFA trial, and now has all needed placements along with 41 points towards his ASFA Field Championship.  May 16, 2017 Joe finishes his Beginner Novice (BN) title at the BCOA specialty with a score of 190.  At his third AKC coursing trial, Joe wins second place for 1 point, giving him a total of 8 points, 2 majors.   June 17 & 18, 2017 Joe wins a 5 point GCH major and a 4 point GCH major, handled by Steve.  August 12, 2017 Joe wins an Award of Merit at the MBC specialty show in Wisconsin, handled by Steve.  Joe finished his Senior Courser title in 4 trials October 6.  As of December 17, 2017 Joe has won 77 ASFA points. 

photos by Joe Stewart, April 2017

leaning into the turn (above) and the tuck with only one leg on the ground (below)

Joe attended puppy class and passed the AKC Puppy S.T.A.R test at 4 1/2 months of age.  Joe did so well, that we skipped beginner class and took Joe to Intermediate level obedience classes.   September 29, Joe passed the CGC test to earn his first title.  On the weekends, he went to a few conformation shows for practice.  September 13,  Joe earned his first point from the puppy class.   Winter 2015-2016, Joe was in training for rally novice competition.  Joe is my "demo dog" for the beginner & intermediate obedience classes that I teach.  At 14 months old age, Joe won a 4 point major, owner handled, and earned two Rally Novice legs.  March 12 & 13, Joe earns 2 more points.  In April, at the 2016 Borzoi Club of America National Specialty in April, Joe finished his Rally Novice title, placed First in the 15 - 18 month Futurity class and placed 4th out of 16 males in the 12 - 18 month regular class.  Another point for Joe May 1.  May 8, 2016 Joe earned his Junior Courser title.  July 2, Joe won Best of Breed over 3 specials for a 4 point major, owner handled (pictured below).  Best of Breed and one point August 1, another point August 21, and his final point on September 17, gives Joe his Championship, with all wins owner handled.  In the fall of 2016, Joe passed his ASFA certification test and his AKC QC test.  In 3 trials, Joe won 27 points and the required second placements over competition, towards his ASFA Field Championship.

Joe joined our family at 10 weeks of age. He is a beautiful, delightful pup who smiles.   Joe's baby pictures

More information and pictures of his ten littermates (7 of whom are Champions) and their sire are on the Aruzia site 

November 2016

18 months old Joe at the Lima Ohio show, winning Best of Breed for a major over 3 specials.  Photo by Kim Booth.


   Joe at the Lima Ohio show.  Photo by Tom Strunk.

Joe competing in rally novice at the 2016 BCOA specialty.  Photo by Rebecca Neal

Joe earning his title at the BCOA specialty, judge Rick Glavin, trophy presenter Joy Windle.  Photos By Elaine,

   Joe winning 1st in the 15-18 month Futurity class, BCOA National, judge Veni Harlan, trophy presenter Joyce Katona.  Photos By Elaine,

14 month old Joe at his first rally novice trial.  Doing the "front" exercise.  I have to keep my hands up and out of his way, since one cannot touch the dog.   Images By Janice photo,

Lagging a bit while heeling.  Images By Janice photo

1 year old

1 year old Joe guiding the 4 months old pups, Dawn  &  Ace

formal Christmas picture with his cousin Clint

9 months old with Steve.  Trotting photo by Tom Struck

7 months

5 months

5 months old, ears up

19 weeks with his toys

14 weeks

13 weeks, playing in the mud

13 weeks

12 weeks, sharing the couch with Maverick

10 weeks


November 2016

17 months old Joe at the Kalamazoo show May 2016.   Photo by Robin Mann.


At the 2016 BCOA National Specialty.  Photo by Rebecca Neal.

  Joe winning 4th in the 12-18 month class, BCOA specialty, judge Ron Spritzer, breeder Chris Danker, trophy presenter Karen Ackerman.   Photos By Elaine

                  15 months old, on his favorite bed

14 month old Joe does the tight three-quarters turn on a loose lead in novice rally competition.  Dick Clark photo.

14 month old Joe does the sit stay while I walk around him, careful to not step on his tail or hit him with the leash.  Dick Clark photo.

the pack waiting to come in the house, Joe on the right, next to Maverick, 4 month old Ace and Dawn coming up the steps, Skip (right) and Luke on the top step, Cori behind Beth on the left, the white and gold Cassie, shelties James & Kyle in front.

1 year

11 months

9 months earning his CGC title

8 months

6 months

5 month old, sharing the dining room couch with Cassie

19 weeks at his first show, photo by Tracy Leonard

14 week old Joe chasing Kyle

8 year old Kyle, 13 week old Joe, 3 year old James

12 weeks

10 weeks

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